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Samantha Benjamin


After moving to NYC in 2007 with degrees in both business and art Samantha needed a creative outlet to put her artistic talents to use. With lack of space she opted to use her kitchen as a studio by using cake, cookies and other desserts as her medium. She discovered the fun and excitement in making edible art and it quickly became her passion.  Her love of art and baking helped turn her dreams into a reality and with that she launched her company THE DESSERTIST.

THE DESSERTIST has since then become a well-recognized name and Samantha has become a notable Artistic Pastry Chef with a growing list of cliental across the country. Her ability to create customized, one-of-a-kind desserts have captured the eye of many giving her the privilege to create pieces for notable chefs and celebrities. As the brand expanded, Samantha has become a voice within the culinary industry and not only inspires but also educates her followers. As an ambassador for working mothers she takes part in many parent organizations and her daughter, Charley, is constantly featured as part of THE DESSERTIST brand.  

Food Network described Samantha as an - “An easy-to-love chef", one that kids and adults can relate to as well as professionals and experts of the field respect. The outlook on the future of dessert is guaranteed success with her expert knowledge of flavor combinations and unique concepts of presentation; for her creativity is key. She is always working on the next "big" thing and her ability to create edible beauty is one-of-a-kind that has been well noticed.

An award-winning chef, her unique approach to desserts in both flavor and design have gained her recognition within the culinary and design worlds. She regularly makes appearances at national food festivals and charity events sharing her love of edible art. She is often a guest writer for multiple publications, recipe developer and a guest culinary instructor in schools across the area.

THE DESSERTIST is a business that gives back by supporting many charitable organizations, including Cookies for Kids Cancer, No Kid Hungry and Westchester Food Bank. THE DESSERTIST has supported and sponsored numerous organizations and charities on both local and national levels, with a strong belief to use the brand for the greater good.

In January 2016 with the help of her husband Matt, "Mr. Dessertist", THE DESSERTIST opened the doors of their first DESSERT STUDIO. A full family business that is an interactive one-of-a-kind bakery and kitchen space, allowing consumers to spend time in Chef Samantha’s world of confectionery Art. THE DESSERTIST is a full retail bakery, and also serves as an event space, classroom and edible art gallery. You can also find THE DESSERTIST products throughout Westchester County.  Even with all this, Samantha still finds time to work on her cookbook - coming soon! 

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